Spring into Action: Upgrading Your Home’s Power with a Whole Home Generator

Spring in Beaumont ushers in a sense of rejuvenation, with nature’s revival reflected in the innovations brought to your doorstep by Generator Supercenter of Beaumont. As the trees bud and flowers bloom, so too can your home’s power system experience a renaissance. Generator Supercenter presents state-of-the-art power solutions that promise to advance your home’s energy […]

Valentine’s Day Power Outage? Keep Beaumont’s Lights On with Generac

In the charming city of Beaumont, where smiles are as warm as the southern sun, Generator Supercenter of Beaumont becomes a symbol of unwavering reliability during Valentine’s Day. Our community knows that when love is in the air, supported by the reliability of Generac generators, the romance will never be cut short by unexpected power […]

Tips For Breaking In Your Generator

Like many mechanical devices, generators require a “breaking in” period – sometimes called mechanical run-in. Breaking in typically occurs within a few hours of use. In an engine, it involves adjusting the contact between the piston rings and the engine’s cylinder wall. After manufacturing, the cylinder wall is not perfectly smooth – there is still […]

Five Tips to Reduce Whole Home Generator Noise

Many homeowners in the market for backup generators worry about how much noise their units might make. After all, they require an engine to drive the alternator that generates electricity. And that sounds like it should be loud.  But how loud are generators, exactly? And do they comply with neighborhood noise levels?  The Generac generators […]